There have been challenges along the way but we have met them and learned from them!  We are currently growing Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Petit Mansang, Cabernet Savignion, Merlot, Albariño  and Chardonel!  

The Vineyard (currently around 11 acres) continues to evolve as we move forward with the expansion of our grape growing capacity.

We have had the pleasure of supplying wine grapes to Holly Grove Winery, Williamsburg Winery, Tarara Winery and Smithfield Winery over the years.  Starting in 2017 we have been utilizing the bulk of our harvests to make the 12 wines we currently offer in our Tasting Room.

A great deal of care is given to the grape growing effort because good wine starts in the vineyard with the best grapes that we can provide!

Summerwind vineyard located in the Day's Point area of isle of wight county, in southeastern virginia is owned and operated by the pugh family!

We are situated on a strip of land lying between the James and Pagan Rivers allowing us to take full advantage of the river breezes.  The cultivation of grapes started as a dream in 2005 as the wine industry in Virginia was emerging into what it is today.

who we are

SummerWind Vineyard

71 Eagle Nest Lane - Smithfield, Va 23430