6/19 & 6/20

$17 Per Person/Tax is added to final bill/There is a 18% Gratuity added to the untaxed total:)

This Weekend we are getting Spicy!... with The Buffalo Chicken Flatbread!

Savory Buffalo Chicken atop a crispy flatbread with a mix of melty Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheeses... Drizzled with a little ranch:)

Please keep in mind when ordering at our tasting room facility that we prepare all of our food items to order especially for you!


Items can be chosen from the current menu and/or other items can be discussed.  Specialty items not on current menu may incur an additional fee.

Final number of the party and food items must be decided a full 7 days before date of event.  Also, a non-refundable deposit of %25 of the final bill must be made a full 7 days prior to the event.  



The Burrata Caprese!

Creamy, decadent Burrata Cheese (a softer version of mozzarella) atop a bed of greens and adorned with sun dried tomatoes, fresh parsley & basil & a SummerWind Merlot Balsamic Reduction!  Served with sliced baguette & our homemade blended oil for dipping!


The Mixed Berry Goat Cheese Platter

Tangy Goat Cheese topped with sweet mixed berries, honey, fresh mint and a sweet berry sauce!  Served with baguette slices.


Just Give Me Kim’s Pimento

A yummy southern classic w/ a tad extra kick!  Served w/ pickles, sweet & spicy chili sauce & baguette slices.

Honey Marmalade Brie!

Decadent Warm Brie, Sweet Honey & Delicious Orange Marmalade make this the perfect spring time dish!  Topped with Slivered Almonds and served with an orange and baguette slices.


Smoked Salmon Platter 

Smoked Salmon atop a bed of greens, topped with capers & pickled red onions!  Served with a side of cream cheese and baguette slices!


The Roast Beef Wrap

Slice Roast Beef wrapped up in a flour tortilla with a creamy garlic, dill cream cheese, provolone cheese, pickled red onions, roasted red peppers & baby arugula!  Served with salty potato chips!


SummerWind's Cuban Sandwich  (spicy)

​A buttered roll smattered with spicy mustard & mayo, then adorned with sliced ham, salami & bacon pieces!  All topped off with sliced pickles, jalapeños & fresh spinach and of course, Swiss Cheese!  Served Hot with salty potato chips!


​​The Soft Pretzels 

Yummy, Warm Soft Pretzels brushed with butter and sprinkled with salt.  Served with cheddar cheese sauce for dipping!


The Pizza Pretzels!

​Warm Soft Pretzels brushed with butter, topped with tomato sauce and a mixture of Provolone & Mozza Cheeses!  Oh... and Pepperoni, of course!

Served with a side of our blended oil for dipping!!  So good!


SummerWInd's Nachos!

Crispy Toritilla Chips topped with Gooey Cheddar Cheese Sauce & our special made black bean and corn salsa!  Finished off with Jalapeños and a side of salsa & sour cream.... SO GOOD!!

*There is Cilantro in the Black Been Salsa*



The Veggie Flatbread

SummerWind's specialty cheese spread seasoned with garlic and Italian spices, drizzled with tomato sauce and topped with delicious roasted red peppers, fresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes & black olives!  Topped with melted mozzarella pearls! $11.99

Pepperoni Flatbread 

SummerWind's Mozzarella dn Goat Cheese Spread seasoned with garlic and Italian inspired spices!  Topped with savory pepperoni, mozzarella pearls and a garnish of Baby Arugula!  Drizzled with EVO & Cracked Pepper - $11.99

Prosciutto Flatbread 

Same great mozzarella and goat cheese spread (no tomato sauce), only this time topped with salty, savory Prosciutto, mozzarella pearls & toasted sunflower seeds! $12.99

The Meat Lover!

Again, made with our Mozza and Goat cheese spread and drizzled with tomato sauce, only this time topped with Salami, Pepperoni, Bacon & Prosciutto!  Topped with Baby Arugula, EVO and fresh cracked pepper. $13.99

Also, this is somewhat of a Bistro Style Menu.  We like to replace or switch out an item or two every few weeks.  But don't be sad if your favorite item is not on the current menu, most likely it will make another appearance soon! 

The Charcuterie Boards! 

All Boards come with mustard, jam & SummerWind's blended oil for dipping!

The Little Italy $24

Pepperoni, Salami, Creamy Burrata Cheese, Provolone, Sound Dried Tomatoes, Olives & Roasted Red Peppers!

The Sweet & Savory $24

Brie drizzled with honey, a walnut & Crasisn mix, yummy Nutella & Sugar Pretzel Cookies, Creamy Gorgonzola, Sweet Dates, Prosciutto, Cheddar Cheese & Rosemary/Sage Marinated Mozzarella Balls!



Available 6/19 & 6/20

Two Soft Pretzels, Cheddar Cheese Sauce and sliced Cheddar, Beer Cheese, Salami, Prosciutto,

Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Olives, Mustard & Onion Jam!


​Also, Items may be added to boards for $2.50 per.

These Items are specified on the physical menu at our tasting room.

These items include:

Pickles, Salami, Prosciutto, Cheddar Cheese, Burrata Cheese, Pepperoni, Brie, Sun Dried Tomatoes, 

Goat Cheese, Red Roasted Peppers, Pimento Cheese, Marinated Mozzarella Pearls, Walnuts, Dates, 

Provolone Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Olives, Feta Cheese, Gorgonzola Cheese, Swiss Cheese 


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